5 things rich people definitely don’t have in their wardrobes

5 things rich people definitely don’t have in their wardrobes
5 things rich people definitely don’t have in their wardrobes

Last year, the Old Money aesthetics took over not only the fashion world, but the entire world. The glossy media were in full swing discussing images from the series “Descendants”, street style heroines were trying to repeat Gwyneth Paltrow’s outfits from court hearings, and fashion bloggers were telling their subscribers what “quiet luxury” is and how to create images in this style.

A full year has passed since the unprecedented excitement, but we are still trying to be passionate about the sensational aesthetics. And it is worth noting that we are just far from them. Searches on the Internet in the spirit of “how to dress the rich” are still increasing exponentially.

That’s why today we decided to talk about five things that are definitely not in the wardrobe of the rich. We recommend checking your closet for these items.

Items with logos

Balenciaga Resort 2025

If you follow fashion industry trends, you’ve probably heard of not only the term Old Money but also New Money. The main difference between these aesthetes is that the first transmits money and status from generation to generation and does not consider it necessary to brag about it, while the second, on the contrary, has recently become rich and does not know what to spend. their wealth. So they buy things with flashy logos to show that the meme “has five rubles.” It no longer applies to them. However, in reality, very wealthy people try to stay away from monogrammed wardrobe items so as not to attract attention. Remember how the heroes of the series “Descendants” dress. Take a closer look at their looks, and you’ll notice that Kendall’s simple shirt was purchased from Loro Piana, Lucas’ gray sweater was purchased from Acne Studios, and Shiv’s pants were purchased from Altuzarra. The show’s four seasons have made it clear how 1% of this planet’s population dresses.

Mass market shoes

Bottega Veneta SS24

Shoes are the clothing itself that reveals a person’s social status and financial situation. That is why stylists offer their clients, instead of one expensive pair of jeans or trousers, to first purchase several pairs of shoes that will remain true to form for more than one season. Remember, boots or shoes bought from a mass market are immediately visible, but it is much more difficult to determine the cost of the same pair of jeans. Moreover, after one season, the shoes may become unusable and you may have to say goodbye to them.

Poor quality glasses

Acne Studios Fall 2024

The same goes for sunglasses. And here it’s not just about the external qualities of the accessory. Glasses with low-quality lenses do not protect from the sun and damage your eyes. Such accessories actually deceive our brain and only reduce the brightness of UV rays. Thanks to darkened lenses and reduced light intensity, the pupil dilates. And more harmful rays penetrate the retina.


Balmain Fall 2024

Costume jewelry is also often not found in rich people’s wardrobes. Of course, there may be exceptions, but wearing this type of jewelry every day is a bad idea. And so. If you often wear rings, earrings and necklaces made of base metals, they will soon darken and lose their original appearance. There is no point in cleaning this type of jewelry because you will erase the entire coating. Therefore, use accent jewelry only for special occasions, and in everyday life, choose minimalist jewelry made of gold or platinum, as rich people do.

Eco leather bags

Stella McCartney SS24

Despite all the antics of animal protection activists, rich people still prefer accessories made of genuine leather. By the way, there are several reasons for this. First of all, such a bag will not deteriorate in a year. Secondly, genuine leather ages beautifully, making the accessory even more attractive. Thirdly, even after twenty years the product can be easily repaired using special care products. This trick doesn’t work on faux leather.

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