New it-girls: what you need to subscribe now

New it-girls: what you need to subscribe now
New it-girls: what you need to subscribe now

We’ve noticed a bit of a talent crisis lately. The mastodons of blogging and fame no longer attract young audiences. This is most clearly demonstrated by the Kardashian-Jenner clan, or rather, their visible fall from the Olympus of the most sought-after stars. This isn’t surprising, since zoomers and gen alphas can no longer be seduced by false authenticity and “even though I’m a star, I still go grocery shopping myself” facades. Today’s children, teens, and even some adults want to follow and listen to influencers and thought leaders who have an open “I,” are willing to listen and hear their audience, and will not recommend something they would never try themselves.

By the way, this trend can also be seen in brands. Yes, recently UNOde50 conducted a large-scale study rebrandingrethought its positioning and got creative with its updated visual presentation. Before we move on to today’s heroes, we’d like to tell you a little more about the new positioning. UNOde50.

Now is the time for new heroes; young, talented, brave and ambitious influencers, musicians and actors who are just starting their journey but are already changing the world and setting their own trends. Today we will tell you about five great heroines, analyze their style and We will choose the decorations It will fit perfectly into your wardrobe from UNOde50. Shall we start?

Our list opens with the singer and TV presenter Polina Favorskaya, who recently became the face of the new UNOde50 advertising campaign. Just like her musical genre, Polina loves to experiment with her images and create complex, original and deep looks. In a word, eclecticism. Therefore, large silver jewelery suits her style best and adds balance to her image.

UNOde50 (all): Cupid necklace with silver, electric bracelet, ONE LOVE silver necklace , Serotonin bracelet with silver.

If you follow the fashion world at least a little, the name of this model is probably familiar to you. Adut, who first stepped onto the catwalk at the age of 13, managed to take part in iconic fashion shows for Off-White, Givenchy Valentino, Dior and Chanel throughout her career, and even starred in the longest Versace ad. The model has become a source of inspiration and a “gateway to the industry” for many black girls. Agree, this is worthy of respect. After reviewing the banned social network Adut, we came to the conclusion that absolutely everything suits her, so we did not limit ourselves to specific models, but focused on colors. Therefore, in our humble opinion, jewelry with large blue stones suits her best and adds grandeur to her image.

UNOde50 (all): Gorgeous necklace, Supreme Blue earrings, Aura Blue bracelet, Charisma ring with silver.

The Swedish blogger quickly conquered social networks and became the main character of many moodboards on Pinterest. Her relaxed style, dreamy locations and “careless” photo editing struck the hearts of the modern generation. Her secret is simple – naturalness. Despite her popularity, Matilda remains modest and open to her audience. The girl’s style is the dictionary definition of old money and quiet luxury, and jewelry should match it – minimalist rings, textured earrings and delicate necklaces and watches with small stones. To complement the image and not steal attention.

UNOde50 (all): Anima gold ring, Cosmos necklace gold, Magnificent watch, featured earrings.

The author of this text takes this name literally to heart. The social networks of the Los Angeles-based visual artist, model and designer immerse you in the world of creativity, and his campaigns bring incredible aesthetic pleasure. Despite his character, Kiddy’s style takes us back to the punk bands and biker gangs of Japan. Therefore, solid rings, chains and rope bracelets are ideal for her.

UNOde50 (all):Ser Natural bracelet, silver, Ser Natural necklace, silver, drug bracelet with silver, Ring matching silver.

Sequins, rhinestones, sparkle and a supernatural look. Lara is living proof that rules are made to be broken, and life is made to have fun and not get hung up on other people’s opinions. Despite her heavy make-up, Lara’s style is relaxed and realistic. The important thing is convenience. That’s why we chose silver jewelry with turquoise stones, a long necklace and elegant earrings for her.

UNOde50 (all): YOLO silver necklace, HAMSA silver earrings, Ser Natural ring, silver, Flashy ring with silver.

We, the editorial office, have long reached common ground when it comes to brands. Yes, quality plays a huge role, but you must admit that it is always more pleasant to buy a necklace or pendant that has meaning, history and inner self in it. UNOde50 combines experience, quality, a unique spirit of rebellion and a new perspective on everyday things, to our great happiness.

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