3 reasons to go and see Authentique, the solo show by David Castello-Lopes

3 reasons to go and see Authentique, the solo show by David Castello-Lopes
3 reasons to go and see Authentique, the solo show by David Castello-Lopes

Before this comedian-singer-dancer-poet-dancer-scientist goes on tour again, here are 3 authentic reasons to book tickets to his show.

He managed to make the most trivial questions interesting, create songs about money or cheese and even get tens of millions of views with videos about Switzerland. Although he has become a master in the art of disseminating videos that have gone viral on Youtube, David Castello Lopes has launched a new challenge: the stage.

After laughing, learning, we want to present it to you the three reasons because going to see his show is the best idea for back to school. A 100% guaranteed item. authenticwithout ironic or misleading advertising.

Reason #1: The stage, without abandoning the audiovisual

Why choose the scene and the audiovisual, the passion for editing, music, costumes and scenography when can we have on the 6th ?

The first real reason to go and see David Castello-Lopes on stage is thisbrings Youtube with him. If the show unlike all the others, Castello-Lopes’ text oscillates between careful writing and perfect timing millimeter with video and sound excerpts that would be almost difficult to hear over the laughter. Humor, curiosity, surprise are born from all sides. We leave the room with the feeling of having been stimulated and of having savored every minute of this show more engaging than all the others.

Reason no. 2: David Castello-Lopes is as smart and curious as ever

Generally speaking, a one (wo)man show is a comedian who immerses us in the twists and turns of his daily life and outlook on life. In front of Authentic, we learn more about the man behind the YouTuber obsessed with the birthdate of things or even locusts. Especially when David Castello-Lopes tells us about his experience with him on Tinder or the period in which he wore hair like a mustache. However, on stage, Castello-Lopes didn’t lose a hair his infinite curiosity and his sense of observation that make his videos so compelling. So much so that the show is a thematic richness that goes far beyond his own experiences. We have rarely experienced such an intense two hours.

Reason #3: Perfect for both finding Castello-Lopes and discovering it

The Castello-Lopes show could take on the air of reunion with a great friend, we laugh just as much when you know nothing about your world. We don’t lose any of the pleasure, on the contrary. His favorite expressionshis ability to explore the most unlikely topics or slipping from French to Portuguese and sometimes even Arabic are undoubtedly even more delightful when you discover them for the first time. In short, Authentique is the best idea for the evening, both for long-time subscribers and newbies.

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