Not just “Euphoria”: 5 bright roles of Jacob Elordi

Not just “Euphoria”: 5 bright roles of Jacob Elordi
Not just “Euphoria”: 5 bright roles of Jacob Elordi

Hollywood actor and handsome manager of our Telegram channel Jacob Elordi turned 27 today. Many people know him for his role as Nate Jacobs on Euphoria, but that’s not the only project he’s starring in. Let’s remember five more films with the handsome man of Hollywood.

1. “Kaleidoscope of Kisses” (2018)

A frame from the movie “Kaleidoscope of Kisses”

A movie about first love, adapted from Beth Rickles’ novel of the same name. Ellie Evans (Jolie King) and Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) have been inseparable since childhood. They grew up together and never had secrets from each other. But at some point, the girl started to like Lee’s brother Noah (Jacob Elordi). A close friend of hers didn’t like her attention to her brother. After a game in which Ellie shares her first kiss with Noah, they begin a relationship. However, because of this, the girl may lose her best friend… The second part was released in 2020, and the third part was released in 2021.

2. “Funeral Tales” (2019)

A frame from the movie “Funeral Tales”

“Funeral Tales” is a fantasy horror film that tells the story of an eccentric undertaker. He retells the stories of the dead he has collected over the years. Jacob Elordi played a student named Jake in the movie.

3. “Two Hearts” (2020)

A frame from the movie “Two Hearts”

The plot of the film tells the story of two couples in love whose relationship begins in different years and different places. However, despite all the obstacles, there is an invisible bond between the characters and thanks to this, they manage to continue their relationship.

4. “Deep Waters” (2022)

A frame from the movie “Deep Waters”

Vic (Ben Affleck) and Melinda (Ana de Armas) are going through a difficult period in their relationship: the couple is on the verge of divorce. The situation gets worse when the main character begins openly numerous affairs. However, Vic prefers not to react in any way to what is happening in the family, although he is very jealous of his wife. But this lasts until Charlie (Jacob Elordi), one of Melinda’s lovers, dies. The first defendant in this case is Vic.

5. Priscilla: Elvis and Me (2023)

A still from the movie “Priscilla: Elvis and Me”

Sofia Coppola directed Priscilla: Elvis and Me, based on the autobiographical novel by Elvis Presley’s wife. Jacob Elordi played a rock and roll star and Cailee Spaeny played Priscilla Presley.

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