On TikTok the #Antisunscreen trend worries doctors

On TikTok the #Antisunscreen trend worries doctors
On TikTok the #Antisunscreen trend worries doctors

With the hashtags #Antisunscreen and #Sanscrèmesolar, internet users are invited not to use sunscreen, which they present as harmful to the body. Enough to worry the health authorities.

To protect yourself from UVA and UVB sun rays, which cause sunburn, accelerated skin aging and melanoma, the use of adequate sun protection is essential.

However, for several weeks, a movement against sunscreen has been organized on social networks, and in particular on TikTok. Under the hashtags #Antisunscreen and #Sanscrèmesolar, internet users ask not to use sunscreen, which would be harmful to the skin. The cause, according to them, is the chemical composition of sun protection products, be they creams, oils or sprays, which clog the skin’s pores and are even responsible for the development of skin cancers.

Coconut oil instead of sunscreen

Among the most fervent apologists of #NoSunscreen is the American TikToker Shannon Fairweather. In a video published last July on the social network, the influencer and her boyfriend try to convince his 45,000 subscribers to stop using sunscreen, even organic ones, because of her compounds. “Strange”like aluminium.


sunscreen is crazy 🫶🏻 #antisunscreen #nosunscreen #fyp

♬ original sound – Shannon Fairweather

In another video, he explains the use of coconut oil which works roughly “30% is as effective as sunscreen, except you don’t slather yourself in chemicals”. She also says that she no longer wears sunglasses “because your eyes absorb the amount of scattered sunlight throughout the day and actually produce melanin to protect your skin”.


Replying to @aliyah avoid sunscreen and sunburn 👏🏼 #antisunscreen #naturalliving #fyp

♬ original sound – Shannon Fairweather

“Claims without scientific basis”

On social networks the #Anticrèmesolar phenomenon has grown to such an extent that the Order of Chemists of Quebec reacted. In a press release dated June 19, its president Michel Alsayegh wrote:

“Influencers spread false and misleading information about sunscreen, claiming that its ingredients are harmful to the skin. These statements, without scientific basis, may endanger public health. »

The Order of Chemists of Quebec

The Order of Chemists also remembers this “These influencers, despite having large audiences and considerable persuasive power, generally lack the scientific expertise needed to evaluate chemicals and their safety”.

I invite the public to walk around “towards reliable and recognized sources of information”He adds:

“Sun protection is an essential measure to prevent skin damage and skin cancer. Sunscreen products, when used correctly, are safe and effective. However, providing false information on this topic can cause significant harm. »

The Order of Chemists of Quebec

Even in France the #Sunscreen movement has its defenders. Like the @Vitalholis account on X, which claims that sunscreen is responsible for the increase in melanoma "in the 50s" and also provides a recipe for a “homemade” sunscreen, made with coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter and zinc oxide.

However, as Michel Alsayegh points out, this type of “natural” sunscreen does not contain any ingredients that filter the sun's ultraviolet rays:

“Sunscreens are developed to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays. The active ingredients, whether mineral or chemical, work by absorbing, reflecting or dispersing UV rays. Scientific research demonstrates the effectiveness and safety of these ingredients when used as directed. It's worrying to see pseudo-experts urging people to forgo sunscreen, thereby increasing the risk of skin cancer and other damage caused by UV rays. »

Michel Alsayegh, president of the Order of Chemists of Quebec

According to Santé Publique France, 85% of skin cancers are attributable to excessive exposure to natural or artificial ultraviolet (UV) rays, but “can be avoided through reasonable exposure”. Between 141,200 and 243,500 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in France every year.

How to protect yourself (correctly) from the sun?

If the application of sunscreen must remain an essential reflex, it must be accompanied by other preventive measures:

  • Don't expose yourself to the hottest hours of the day, between 12:00 and 16:00.
  • Choose a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 50 to block 98% of UVB rays emitted by the sun (a full screen, FPS 50+ still remains the best protection).
  • Do not use expired sunscreen.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of cream to all areas of the body exposed to the sun, repeating every two hours and after each swim. To make sure you're applying enough cream, count the equivalent of two fingers on your child's face (three for an adult's face) and the equivalent of a small glass on a child's body (double that for an adult) .
  • Apply sunscreen twenty minutes before exposure.
  • Don't forget to combine sunscreen application with a hat and sunglasses.
  • Stay as much as possible The shadow.

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