Dan Harmon talks RICK & MORTY and transitioning into a new era after the behind-the-scenes drama

Dan Harmon talks RICK & MORTY and transitioning into a new era after the behind-the-scenes drama

Rick and Morty will continue to entertain fans as long as they continue to show up to watch the show, but there was a difficult moment where fans didn’t know what to expect next from the series’ co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland was fired due to allegations of inappropriate conduct.

During an interview with Variety, Dan Harmon talked about Rick and Morty and the transition to a new era after everything that happened with Roiland.

Harmon said: “I think a reset is a good way to look at it. We had so much drama behind the scenes that I think we didn’t need a lot of irony and narrative challenge on screen.

“I think the experiment became: Can we keep the show going forward? Can fans not miss their favorite show and not get distracted by the turbulence? There was also another important reason to reset, which is we plan to do a lot more of these.

“This was always designed to be a show that could last thousands of episodes. And you can’t last thousands of episodes if you’re just telling a serialized story about how your protagonist stops being the protagonist.

“I’ve always been obsessively focused on maintaining modularity, so that the more popular your show becomes, the more accessible it becomes to a hopefully increasing traffic highway.”

Harmon went on to talk about the new voice actors who have been hired to voice the characters Rick and Morty.

He explained: “It’s not about me. These are not culture wars. And it’s not about my reputation. It’s not about my friendships. This has nothing to do with me, except that I am uniquely qualified to contribute to this process.

“What this has to do with is a living, breathing character – two of them – and millions of people who don’t want this show to go away. Which is a noble, useful and very healthy goal. I think we succeeded. And I’m very proud and grateful that things turned out this way.’

He added: “That’s my perception. That the goal was achieved or that those who wanted it to be achieved were like, ‘I can’t tell the difference.’ Characters are characters, let’s move on.”

“As far as I know, we’re over it. It worked, we’ve moved on to a new era and if the show sucks from here on out, it’s for the usual reasons any show can suck. Not because of these dramatic events.”

I remember seeing some complaints about the rumors at first, but I think everyone has accepted them and the creative team can keep filming and keep coming up with great, fun, crazy stories!

Speaking about the Adult Swim series’ 70-episode mega order and how many are left, Harmon said, “We’re in the home stretch. We’re always a season or two ahead of what’s happening on the screen in the writers’ room.

“There’s about ten episodes to write before I’m done with 70. So, my job right now is to work on the last 10 in that order. As for the question of what did everyone see, where are they? I think that brings them to 20 left.

As for the future of the show, Harmon said, “We have a lot of time to figure it out. With something so satisfying to so many people, conversations like this happen all the time. And I would anticipate an announcement one way or another about the future at some point in the future.

He added that there will probably be more news on the matter, which sounds like good news!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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