3 trendy backpacks for children’s first return to school

3 trendy backpacks for children’s first return to school
3 trendy backpacks for children’s first return to school

Whoever says back to school, says school supplies. And your bag or briefcase is essential! And for this first day of kindergarten, here are the trends.

Let’s rest assured, we don’t have to buy a new backpack or schoolbag every time we go back to school. First because it’s a budget, and then whya briefcase or backpack, if well made, can hold up for a whilealthough during recess they also serve as soccer balls.

If this year you decide to give your children the backpack that will make their friends in shorts green with envy, we have made a selection for you with various brands, different even budget ones, but all of great quality and beautiful.

Selection of three backpacks for back to school

Here is a selection of three backpacks for your child’s back to school, preschool or nursery school. Next time we’ll tell you about schoolbag trends, aimed at older children.

1 – The Jeanne the cat backpack from Lilliputiens

Glittery pink in colour, it is also relatively large, enough to contain a bottle of water – Lilliputiens makes some very cute ones suitable for little ones -, a snack box and a soft toy. Its advantage? Its additional zipped pocket on the front will allow you to keep all your heir’s little secrets.

My first Childhome bag

Small enough and suitable for smaller shoulders, it will be able to accompany your child in the first steps towards nursery or nursery school. Zippered pocket on the front, large pocket on the top and small pocket inside, it also comes in various colors, all very cute.

My first Childhome bag

3 – Trixie's Mr. Dino backpack

Padded shoulder straps, special internal pocket for storing the water bottle, easy-to-open zipper for little hands and large storage capacity, that's all this backpack from the Trixie brand offers. And if you're not on the dinosaur team (nobody's perfect), there are plenty of other animals available.

Mr Dino children's backpack

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