What to wear to a festival to stand out from the crowd? Getting tips from fashion influencers

What to wear to a festival to stand out from the crowd?  Getting tips from fashion influencers
What to wear to a festival to stand out from the crowd?  Getting tips from fashion influencers

What do you associate with summer? In nature with a plate of fresh fruit or walking until the morning? Or maybe warm rain and long evenings on verandas? We’re almost certain that this list also includes a venue for festivals where not a single summer is complete. There they make new friends, meet old acquaintances, fall in love and listen to their favorite music. Therefore, you should definitely not miss such events.

Summer 2024 is already off to a strong start, thanks to the annual VK Fest, which will take this time by storm in five cities. The festival has already taken place in Ufa, Krasnoyarsk and Sochi, it will move to the cultural capital this weekend (June 29 and 30), but a large-scale event will take place in Moscow on July 13 and 14. The line-up looks impressive, as befits one of the country’s main festivals. “Beasts”, Cream Soda, Basta, L’One, Mot, HammAli & Navai and dozens of artists will perform on the VK Fest stage. And a special secret guest awaits guests in the capital. Meanwhile, VK Fest is not only music, but also sports events, games, entertainment, special areas with lectures and discussions.

Therefore, The Fashion Vibes editors recommend immediately marking these dates in red on the calendar and start preparing an image that will collect hundreds of likes and dozens of compliments on social networks. So what should you wear to a festival to stand out from the crowd? Let’s take an example from Russian fashion influencers. We’ve rounded up five great looks worth repeating this year.

Picture No.1

Photo: VK Fest social networks

Festivals and minimalism are two parallels that never intersect. Here you need to play big and wear the brightest and most striking items in your wardrobe. Style funky jeans with eyelets or lobster straps with corset tops, fishnet capes, lace long sleeves or printed tees. Add colored lenses, catchy hair clips and chunky boots to these sunglasses. Everyone’s attention is guaranteed!

Picture No.2

Ida Galich. Photo: VK Fest social networks

If going to the festival in comfortable clothes is not among your plans, you should consider combining it with a dress. You can use Ida Galich’s outfit from last year as inspiration. Her stylist Oleg Gorchanin decided to bet on a trendy denim dress, which she favorably complemented with a gold chain on her belt and a black headband. The look turned out elegant but also festival-appropriate. So take notes.

Picture No.3

Photo: VK Fest social networks

Agree, at a festival you want not only to look beautiful, but also to feel comfortable so that you can dance, sing and run from one place to another. In this case, we recommend choosing a basic bottom (you can choose from jots, capris, jeans, pleated skirts and bike shorts) and an accent top. You can choose an embroidered corset, crocheted top or asymmetrical bodysuit. By the way, you should definitely choose bright colors to stand out from the crowd. Watch out for red, orange, green and burgundy.

Picture No.4

Alina Zagitova. Photo: VK Fest social networks

If you do not have time to think over an image consisting of several pieces, opt for dresses or overalls, as Alina Zagitova did. Styling is easier because all that remains is to choose shoes, accessories and jewelry. Choose from slits and mesh options and pair them with cute flats or pointe shoes.

Picture No.5

Photo: VK Fest social networks

Sometimes basic items can look completely different if you add accent accessories to them. See how coolly the gold belt is complemented by black slacks and a casual top. You can further enrich the look with long earrings and a pair of seals. As for shoes, choose trendy sneakers or sneakers to dance until the evening.

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