How do you choose the right shoes to match your look? 5 working ways

How do you choose the right shoes to match your look?  5 working ways
How do you choose the right shoes to match your look?  5 working ways

Shoes play an important role in creating the entire look. A trendy pair will not only give your outfit the right vibe and take it to a new level, but will also refresh your style as a whole. It’s not for nothing that Carrie Bradshaw searches so desperately for every pair in her collection and is ready to spend her last money in boutiques.

But here a logical question arises: how to choose the right shoes to match your look to achieve the desired finishing effect? So the so-called puzzle comes together and all components interact advantageously with each other. One recommendation is to improve observation skills. Fashion bloggers talked about this in our material last year.

So what should you do if observation has been improved over the years and now you want to dress stylishly? Then you should read our material today, where we have collected five simple ideas on how to choose shoes for any look.

Method number 1. Focus on shoes

Miss Gorbunova. Photo: social networks

The first method is the simplest but very effective. If you chose jeans and a basic T-shirt as the look of the day, complement it with accent shoes, not ordinary sneakers or sneakers. Strap sandals, square toe shoes, gold heeled mules, etc. At your service. Remember, when an image is quite simple, it can be made interesting with the help of shoes. Therefore, forget all the assumptions that unusual shoes can only be worn on special occasions.

Method number 2. Combine opposites

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We are all used to the rule of combining sneakers with sports clothes, classic loafers and oxford shoes with formal suits, and feminine shoes with elegant dresses. But in 2024, the The Fashion Vibes fashion department recommends forgetting about it, because such a styling installation is already out of fashion. Now street style heroes and fashion influencers are doing the opposite and combining incompatible things. For example, a romantic dress with puff sleeves is proudly worn with rough boots, recognizable three-striped trousers are worn with ballet flats, but a trouser suit is worn with sneakers.

Method number 3. Choose a color

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So at this point it is worth noting that the bag and shoes should no longer be the same color, this rule has long been outdated and is now completely out of fashion. Instead, choose shoes in a trendy hue (like sky blue, burgundy, lavender, or butter) and style them with a color from our trend-matching piece. For example, olive will go well with orange, and lemon with beige.

Method number 4. Start from the target

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You should also remember the purpose of your image. Where are you going, what is the dress code, what do you want to say with your outfit? If the event is outdoors, you should not wear stiletto heels. However, a romantic dress will look good with sneakers. In fact, shoes can completely change the mood of an image and “flip” it in the right direction.

Method number 5. Move backwards

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Many girls first create an image, then choose shoes and accessories. But now a trend has gone viral on TikTok where bloggers are doing the exact opposite. So first they choose the shoes, then they get the complete look. And we recommend that you pay attention to this technique. Note that there needs to be only one highlight in the image for the experiment to be successful. If you chose basic shoes, there must be a bright element in the outfit or accessory. If you cannot call your shoes ordinary, try to use very simple things.

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