5 things you should never wear on a date so it doesn’t end in a fiasco

5 things you should never wear on a date so it doesn’t end in a fiasco
5 things you should never wear on a date so it doesn’t end in a fiasco

It is worth starting this material with the fact that all dates are divided into several categories: where it is customary to talk about the “weather” and apply the most effective struggles, from which you really want to escape, and which will obviously end with the question: “To you or to me?

Today we will of course talk about the latter. More precisely, we will talk about five wardrobe items that can spoil the expected ending and make all your friends gather in a cafe and discuss what happened. After all, if you are going to go on just such a date, you need to think in advance what to wear so that the passion scene looks like a Hollywood movie, and not a low-budget romantic comedy with creepy elements. Clothing plays an important role in all this. Therefore, we recommend that you bet on items that not only look beautiful, but also look very sexy.

An important clarification: The Fashion Vibes’s fashion department is not trying to impose its opinion on you, and all readers have the right to wear any product on a date if they feel comfortable and safe. With the phrase “and they lived happily ever after,” the editors share their dating experiences and what prevented them from ending.


Dilara Fındıkoğlu Fall 2024

The corset is the sexiest item in the wardrobe. It advantageously emphasizes the chest and emphasizes the waist. It goes well with jeans and classic trousers, as well as satin skirts and trendy capri trousers. There is one drawback: corsets are very inconvenient to remove. And there are not only lace-up options, but also zippered options. Both models fit so tightly that it is impossible to get rid of them beautifully. And you should not delegate this task to a man.


Saint Laurent FW 2024

Colorful, black and transparent tights are the big trend of the season. This is implied not only in street style chronicles and social media posts, but also on the catwalk. For example, in February this year, Anthony Vaccarello presented the Saint Laurent collection, in which a special emphasis was placed on nylon. Even the unusual headpieces that the models wore on the catwalk were made from tights. However, you still shouldn’t wear them on a date because it’s unlikely you’ll get off tights beautifully. Leave that to Kanye West’s wife, Bianca Censori.


Ferrari Autumn 2024

Another wardrobe item you should not wear on a date is a bodysuit. The first is of course possible, but today we are discussing something a little different. Reason for disqualification: failure to remove item gracefully. And this already says a lot. For these dates, it’s best to wear loose-fitting drawstring blouses, zip-up tops, or tight t-shirts. But the most win-win option is a flowing combination with an open back.

Sconce with multiple hooks

Ludovic De Saint Sernin Fall 2024

A bra with a lot of insidious hooks should be worn only if you want to trap a man and test his intelligence and resourcefulness. In other cases, such underwear will not work. Make note of an applique that has a single buckle on the front so you can tackle it yourself in a pinch. Or choose classic models with two hooks on the back.


Courreges Fall 2024

Jumpsuits are 100% the trend this summer. Street style heroes wear models made of denim, cotton, linen and even silk with great pleasure. But for that date, this item is not the best option. Firstly, it is not always convenient to remove it. Secondly, you may feel uncomfortable because many summer models do not have wall lamps.

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