If you liked Under the Seine, these 4 disaster films are for YOU

If you liked Under the Seine, these 4 disaster films are for YOU
If you liked Under the Seine, these 4 disaster films are for YOU

Under the Seine has been at the top of the most watched films on Netflix since its release on June 5th. If you liked this apocalyptic horror film, here are 4 that should make you shiver.

The film came out about ten days ago Under the Seine it is undoubtedly the great success of the month of June and perhaps even of the history of Netflix. The film of Saverio Gens it was applauded by the Americans, starting with Stephen King himself, while in France the criticism was catastrophic. Even if a sequel is already planned, we share it with you 4 films you might like if you liked them Under the Seine.

1/ In the Fog, available on Prime video

In the fog, this science fiction film, directed by Daniel Roby, was released in theaters on April 4, 2018 and is now available on Prime Video. The film stars Romain Duris, Olga Kurylenko and Fantine Harduin. The field? Like Under the Seine, In the fog takes place in Paris. One day, following an earthquake, a strange deadly fog falls on the capital. The survivors find refuge in the top floors of buildings and on the roofs, will they be able to escape? And brave this toxic fog falling on them?

2/The night devoured the world, available on Canal+

From the living dead have haunted the streets of Paris, this is what Sam discovers when he wakes up one morning, while the day before the party was in full swing in the City of Light. Terrified, he will have to protect himself and organize himself to continue living. But is Sam really the only survivor? Here’s a another fiendishly distressing science fiction film in which we wonder about the future of the human species. This is Dominique Rocher’s first feature film with Anders Danielsen Lie, Golshifteh Farahani, Denis Lavant in the cast.

3/ The World After Us, available on Netflix

Sam Esmail’s film brings together a five-star cast with Julia Roberts and Ethan Hawke playing ordinary parents who find themselves catapulted into an end-of-the-world atmosphere after a cyber attack. The family only dreamed of a break to recharge their batteries in a luxury rental house, but find themselves in chaos, cut off from the world, with unexpected guests.

4/The day after tomorrow, available on Disney+

THE Day after, directed by Roland Emmerich, is not a recent film, it dates back to 2004, but its subject is very current: an unexpected and violent climate change on a global scale which is causing gigantic devastation throughout the planet: floods, hail, tornadoes and temperatures of unprecedented magnitude. Climatologist Jack Hall, who predicted this catastrophe, tries to save millions of people, including his son Sam, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. An apocalyptic film like the Americans know how to make.

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