“Hot Dads”: viewers chose the most attractive cartoon dads

“Hot Dads”: viewers chose the most attractive cartoon dads
“Hot Dads”: viewers chose the most attractive cartoon dads

A frame from the cartoon “Shrek Forever”

Both children and adults love watching cartoons. But if the girls look closely at the charming princes, their older sisters and mothers will be delighted with the cartoon dads. We present you a list of the most attractive cartoon dads.

Bill Andersen (Inside Out)

Bill Andersen. A frame from the cartoon “Puzzle”

It seems like the most ordinary dad, Riley, shouldn’t be on this list… But the truth is, he’s ordinary. Stubble beard, jeans, a plain t-shirt. She is warm, sweet and so real!

Chief Benja (Raya and the Last Dragon)

Chef Benja. A frame from the cartoon “Raya and the Last Dragon”

To save his daughter and his kingdom, the leader of the Heart tribe even turned to stone. We add courage, courage and unforgettable charisma to a kind soul and willingness to sacrifice!

King Triton (The Little Mermaid)

King Triton. A frame from the cartoon “The Little Mermaid”

He may be strict with his daughter Ariel, but we know that this comes from great love and fear of losing her. And how his pulse quickens when he picks up the trident…

Mr. Incredible (The Incredibles)

Mr. Incredible. A frame from the cartoon “The Incredibles”

Maybe there is a superhero inside every office worker. Bob Parr hid his talents for a long time, but you can’t hide sewage in a bag. Let this dastardly supervillain try to stop him from spoon-feeding his son!

Jefferson Davis (The Incredibles)

Jefferson Davis. A frame from the cartoon “The Incredibles”

Low voice, nobility and devotion. Jefferson Davis is the epitome of a man in uniform. And he teaches his son to be the same. And it makes us look at the screens and secretly sigh.

Tatsuo (My Neighbor Totoro)

Tatsuo. A frame from the cartoon “My Neighbor Totoro”

Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece is about two young sisters who befriend a forest spirit… And although their father Tatsuo has a lot of screen time, he manages to take a bath in the frame during those minutes. That’s why it was featured in this Variety list.

Zeus (“Hercules”)

Zeus. A frame from the cartoon “Hercules”

Perfect breasts, perfect beard, perfect lightning bolts flying at your enemies. But the most important thing is the belief in his son Hercules. The touching ruler of Olympus could not be left out of this list.

Chief Tui (“Moana”)

Chief Tui. A frame from the cartoon “Moana”

This mass of muscle intimidates the enemies of his tribe. But what if his big heart is torn apart by the worry of his loved ones? You must be vulnerable and so sweet. There would be no harm in being under such protection on a tropical island!

Hector (“The Mystery of Coco”)

Hector. A frame from the cartoon “Coco’s Secret”

A great singer and the undyingly devoted father of the family – it seems that that alone is enough to earn a place on the list. But the real trump card is the beard… I agree, it makes a difference!

King Agnarr (“Cold heart”)

King Agnarr. A frame from the cartoon “Frozen”

Look at his superficial, slightly sloppy, but pure and kind eyes… It’s as if you could drown in them at that moment!

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