Polina Gagarina talked about the wedding of her 16-year-old son

Polina Gagarina’s son Andrei is dating Victoria Solomatina, the winner of the music show “The Voice”. The girl herself announced this in mid-May. The young man preferred not to disclose the details of his personal life. However, the star mother answered the question about the young man’s romance.

Polina Gagarina. Photo: social networks

The singer was asked if her fans can wait for the wedding. “I beg you… Where is it? It’s still early and still green. If there is happiness, everything will be fine. The important thing is to get things done,” VOICE quotes Gagarina.

Polina Gagarina with children. Photo: social networks

Let us recall that Andrei was born in the marriage of Polina Gagarina with actor Pyotr Kislov. The couple divorced in 2010. Four years later, the singer married photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, from whom she gave birth to daughter Mia. The family broke up in 2020.

Earlier, Polina and her ex-husband celebrated their daughter’s birthday together. Iskhakov also came to congratulate his ex-wife on the premiere of the new project.

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