10 peelings for the perfect tan

During the summer months, our skin produces more sebum than normal. Therefore, so that it can continue to “breathe” easily and unhindered, it needs help in the form of deep exfoliation. To do this, you can use an acidic scrub, gommage, peeling or shower gel. Exfoliating products help remove dead skin, leaving your skin ready for a smooth, even tan (using sunscreen, of course). We have collected for you the top 10 products with different textures, aromas and effects.

Originally, the product was called “gommage”; This means it has a more gentle effect on the skin and differs from exfoliation with the small abrasive particles in the formula. In Caudalie gommage, these are crushed grape seeds, an ingredient that has become a hallmark of the brand. They help gently remove dead skin cells and leave your skin soft and smooth.

The peeling for home spa care from Thalgo’s Exotic Islands series melts on contact with the skin. Its formula contains two exfoliants that gently exfoliate and smooth the epidermis: sea salt and coconut shell. The vanilla-coconut flavor of the scrub is a special love.

Coffee scrubs are essential. But let’s be honest, most of these products are very drying so they are not always convenient to apply to the skin. Synergetic has thought of everything down to the smallest detail; The scrub has a soft creamy texture and is easily distributed and then washed off just as easily. In addition to ground coffee, the formula contains coconut, almond and shea butters, which further nourish the skin.

If the concept of using a scrub confuses you with the need to stand in the shower for two minutes without doing anything, the Frudia brand has solved this problem. Apply the cleansing gel to your skin, massage a little and rinse like a regular cleanser. Perfect? Perfect.

Comfort Zone peeling works not only on the external smoothness of the skin but also on internal cell renewal. Its formula is aimed at simultaneously eliminating two types of exfoliation – mechanical and chemical. Silicon dioxide particles work with the surface layer, and a complex of acids stimulates cell renewal and retains water molecules in the skin, maintaining the desired moisture level.

Unlike sugar scrubs, salt scrubs are harsher. Therefore, it works much more effectively on thick and rough skin. It has a rather dry texture, so it is better to apply it to steamed, damp skin after a shower or sauna. Then leave it for 10-15 minutes to take effect and rinse with warm water.

The first reason to love this scrub is its lemon color. The second is juniper flavor. The third is composition. It contains avocado and extracts of olive oil, oak bark and sage, as well as salt particles. Together, these ingredients support skin regeneration and healing and soften the skin.

This peeling covers two stages of care at once: exfoliating and moisturizing. Almond and walnut shell particles thoroughly cleanse dead skin cells, while natural oils soften and intensively nourish the skin. Therefore, you can skip the moisturizer or lotion after using the peel; Your skin will already feel good.

A jar of sugar scrubs can easily be confused with real fruit jam – they smell and look exactly the same. However, the first one also cares for the skin; smoothes, exfoliates and moisturizes. But my favorite thing is the fresh aroma of blackcurrant berries, which makes me long to go to my grandmother’s dacha.

The formula contains a reservoir of extracts of various herbs and herbs. There’s celandine, which softens the skin, yarrow, which soothes inflammation, aloe, which soothes the epidermis, and mint, which fights rosacea. The extract of each plant serves a common purpose – to tone the skin, improve microcirculation in it, soften it and improve immunity.

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