For the mom: Hannah reveals how she’ll react if her daughters date ‘regular’ guys

Hannah and Pasha have two daughters: five-year-old Adriana and one-year-old Camilla. The girls don’t even go to school yet, but netizens are wondering how their parents would react if their lovers were “ordinary boys.”

Hannah and Pasha. Photo: social networks

“It would be better for them to meet an ordinary man than an “unusual” man. But overall, I think we’re all ordinary people,” she wrote on Hannah Stories. The singer noted that the main thing is for the man to be “adequate, purposeful and loving.”

Hannah and Pasha with their daughters. Photo: social networks

“You need a team and you need to be on the same page in life. “Love, the same values ​​and dreams,” he finally added.

Let’s remember that Pasha and Hannah met in Turkey in 2010 at the Miss Kemer International beauty contest, where future celebrities won first place. And already in 2015 the couple legalized their relationship. At the beginning of September 2018, the couple had a daughter, Adriana, in Miami, and they gave birth to their second daughter, Camilla, in February last year.

Source: People Talk

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