5 mistakes you make when packing your makeup bag for the holidays

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Our makeup bag can fit an entire lifetime. And when it comes to vacation, the most difficult thing is not to take everything with you, but to choose what you really need. To help you with this difficult task, we have compiled the most common mistakes when packing a makeup bag for the holidays.

Error No. 1. Buying a lot of decorative cosmetics

If your eyeshadow palette has been covered with a layer of dust for a long time, you will most likely not change anything and start using it on holiday. The same applies to other decorative cosmetics. For evening excursions it is better to reduce this to a minimum. The necessary base is mascara, lip liner, lipstick and blush.

Error No. 2. Ignoring travel time

If you’re traveling for a week, you probably won’t need your usual skin care products. Their numbers can be significantly reduced. For example, do not buy enzyme powder, masks and body scrubs.

Error No. 3. Choosing non-universal products

To reduce space in your cosmetic bag, it is better to give preference to universal products. For example, instead of buying separate creams for your hands, feet, elbows and heels, buy a product suitable for every part of your body. The same goes for day and night creams. If there is a universal one, get it.

Mistake #4: Not taking climate into account

If you are flying to a hot country, take products with a light texture (liquids, sorbets and gels). And don’t forget sunscreen. And, on the contrary, if you are traveling in winter, you will need thicker and richer creams. And by the way, if you are planning a trip to the mountains, you will also need SPF cream.

Error No. 5. Ignoring travel formats

Funds in travel formats are undervalued. They can last much longer than you think. Especially shampoos, conditioners, leave-in hair products and others that you don’t use every day.

Preparing your makeup bag for the holidays is only half the job. That’s why our fashion department has prepared clear materials on packing for you.

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