Plan Procu: the dating site to facilitate delegations

To facilitate the delegation process for elections, an independent platform has launched the Plan Procu, to “match” principals and agents in order to vote.

A” democratic dating site » we can read there. WhileEmmanuel Macron The dissolution of the National Assembly was unexpectedly announced, early legislative elections were held scheduled for June 30th and July 7th.

In less than three weeks, which leaves little time for voters who want to vote to organize. For this, the independent association “A Voted” has created a solution, the Planprocu.fr website.

A form to fill out online

Initially created for the European elections, it is now extended to legislative elections. Like a real dating application, the site is organized by “match”, putting the “principals”, i.e. the people who wish to confer their delegation for the elections, in contact with the “delegates”, who agree to vote for They.

The platform went online for the first time in mid-May as part of the European elections “it achieved great success very quickly and was immediately spread on social networks”, welcomed our colleagues from Publication Clemence Peneco-president of the association founded in 2022. For the legislative elections there were more than 1,500 “meetings”.

“In total there were more than 1,500 meetings between those who could not vote and those who could do so in their place. It's just a small solution to the more general democratic fatigue, but another way in which citizens can give their delegation, outside of the systems proposed by the political parties themselves. »

Clemence Pene.

Since Monday 10 June the site has been bombarded with requests, receiving a " an influx of forms from people who make themselves available to vote. »

To grant your proxy or vote on behalf of another person, simply fill out the online form on the platform with your voter number. Subsequently, the request is validated by the team of volunteers and a “match” is created with a person available to vote. Then it is necessary have the power of attorney validated at the Police Headquarters.

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