The legendary mansion from the comedy “Home Alone” was bought for 467 million rubles

The iconic house from the movie Home Alone was bought for 467.2 million rubles. This was reported by Realtor.com. A buyer was found immediately after it was put up for sale. In less than a week, new owners of the mansion emerged. Their names were not disclosed.

Photo: A still from the movie “Home Alone”

Realtors said they expected high demand for the building. It is in an attractive area with beautiful parks, beaches, good schools, shops and restaurants. The high price was due to the size and condition of the house. The fame factor also played a big role in this.

McCallister’s mansion. Photo: A still from the movie “Home Alone”

However, the interior of the mansion is very different from what it was during the filming of Home Alone. The house with an area of ​​850 square meters, built in 1921, was rebuilt and expanded six years ago. It now includes a gourmet kitchen, a second living room, a movie theater and a home basketball court.

According to Mansion Global, the vintage property was previously owned by Tim and Tricia Johnson. They bought the house for three times less than what they sold it for in 2012.

Source: People Talk

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