How I worried about Hedgehog: 7 episodes of “Smeshariki”, in which he suffered the most – my heart aches with pity

How I Worried About Hedgehog: 7 Episodes of
Photo source: Still from the cartoon “Smeshariki”
How I Worried About Hedgehog: 7 Episodes of
Photo source: Still from the cartoon “Smeshariki”

After this, it’s hard to believe in friendship between the characters.

The hedgehog can safely be called the most unfortunate character of “Smesharikov”, because he has to suffer in almost every second episode. The prickly favorite of Russian children was repeatedly on the verge of death and suffered terrible injuries.

Take for example the episode ‘Without Nobody’, in which the Hedgehog experienced a real nightmare. Surely, the hearts of many spectators bled, watching Smesharik’s attempts to get out of the flooded pit. The character was then saved by a real miracle.

‘The End of the Earth’ featured the Hedgehog Krosh, who took it upon himself to prove that our planet is in fact flat. Miraculously, the boat ride turned out not to be fatal: the animals almost fell out of the enormous water, from the edge of the earth.

The episode “Brothers in Mind” once again put Hedgehog’s life in danger when all the Smeshariki were thrown into an alternate universe by Losyash and trapped in the web of huge hungry spiders.

“The Hedgehog in the Nebula” is another existential series that probably made viewers despondent with the episode where the Hedgehog was wandering in the mist and he was already starting to think he wouldn’t find his hapless friends.

In “Moon Hare”, the Hedgehog was even willing to sacrifice his life for the sake of Elk, who fell into a frozen river and began to drown. The moose eventually escaped, but after him it was our spiky friend who began to drown, who was sucked into the whirlpool together with Krosh.

Remember Krosh and Hedgehog’s grueling walk to Omsk? When the rabbit walked lightly, the unfortunate hedgehog got all the heavy bags, causing him to almost collapse from fatigue.

And let’s talk about how the hedgehog, because of the staring contest with Krosh, almost became blind, and in one of the next episodes, after hitting his head, lost his memory and began to look like a child who could not talk , and I don’t want to remember.

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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