Agata Muceniece mocked the popular trend. look at the photo

The trend on the cover of the glossy Vogue magazine has become widespread on the Internet. Not only ordinary users, but also celebrities started to try this in their photos. Agata Muceniece did not follow the example of her colleagues. The actress made it clear that she does not want to be like everyone else.

Agata Mutsenietse. Photo: social networks

The star created her own cover. She posted a photo of herself with her sister in the village. Agatha and Santa Claus are dressed in home clothes, collecting tools for household chores.

Agata Muceniece with her sister. Photo: social networks

By the way, among the celebrities who remained true to the popular trend was Nikita Kologrivy. For the cover of Vogue, she chose a photo in which she posed bare-breasted.

Let us recall that Nikita had previously provoked rumors about his relationship with Agatha. The artist refused to comment on his colleague’s confession and only said hello to him.

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