“Apartment sold”: mother revealed the truth about the beginning of Nyusha’s career

33-year-old singer Nyusha is going through a difficult time right now. After seven years of marriage, she recently filed for divorce from her husband Igor Sivov. Anna Shurochkina (real name – Note ed.) married a businessman and gave birth to a daughter named Seraphim-Simba and a son named Saffron. Children do not yet know that their parents are divorced.

Nyusha. Photo: social networks

The star’s mother, Irina Shurochkina, gave an interview to the YouTube podcast Star Mom and, among other things, talked about how she supported her daughter at the beginning of her career. According to her, she and her ex-husband Vladimir Shurochkin helped their daughter a lot in her career and never doubted her talent. The singer’s father is a music producer and former member of the band “Tender May”.

As Irina Shurochkina said, although they had money, there were also difficulties. Nyusha worked hard to achieve success. “They say my father had a lot of money, so he bought everything. Of course not. “The apartment was sold to record the first video,” the woman said, revealing the truth about the beginning of her daughter’s career.

He also noted that Nyusha is plump and therefore needs to “get in shape.” Anna Shurochkina’s mother said that there was a “tremendous work” behind all this. Once upon a time, a girl even lost consciousness after one of the concerts. The singer had to call an ambulance. However, this was not a reason to cancel other performances.

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