Disney+: This series has broken all ratings records since its release

Available exclusively on Disney+ from June 7, Becoming Karl Lagerfeld takes us back to 1970s Paris as the designer attempts to make fashion history.

Between sumptuous fashion shows, stories of friendship, love and betrayal, this biopic event, which traces the Parisian beginnings of the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, is absolutely not to be missed. From the reconstruction work to the original music and captivating casting, here are five good reasons not to miss the Becoming Karl Lagerfeld series, whose episodes are available exclusively on Disney+ from June 7th.

For his exceptional reconstruction

If the sublime decorations (almost 50) contribute to the success of this reconstruction from the world of fashion of the 70s, Becoming Karl Lagerfeld he didn’t have to leave anything to chance when it came to costumes. To create a wardrobe of no fewer than 3,000 dresses, each more spectacular than the last, the production turned to Pascaline Chavanne, François Ozon’s favorite costume designer and winner of two Césars.

Clothes worn by Karl Lagerfeld’s character they were all custom made, while those of Jacques de Bascher were partly found at the Saint-Ouen flea market. The Chloé fashion house, where the designer worked in his early days, has opened its archives to Pascaline Chavanne. He was thus able to reprint the brand’s cult models and reproduce identical outfits. The scene of the whirlwind first Chloé fashion show by Lagerfeld, then newly appointed artistic director, bears witness to this the meticulousness of the reconstruction.

For the love triangle between Karl Lagerfeld, Jacques de Bascher and Yves Saint Laurent

Adapted from the best-seller “Kaiser Karl” by Raphaëlle Bacqué, starring Isaure Pisani-Ferry and Jennifer Have, the series begins in the early 1970s. Karl Lagerfeld is approaching 40 years old and tries to reach the level of excellence of his old friend, Yves Saint Laurent, with whom he maintains a bond of affection and competition. Their relationship becomes even more complex when Karl meets Jacques de Bascher, an irresistible Parisian dandy with an unstoppable sense of fashion.

Episode 3

While the two began a relationship as intense as it was platonic (the series suggests that Karl Lagerfeld was an asexual gay), the young man met YSL shortly after. The two men, passionate about Parisian evenings where alcohol and drugs circulate freely, become lovers. To the love triangle we must add the almighty Pierre Bergé. Yves-Saint Laurent’s companion, he sees the businessman this relationship with a very evil eye and intends to take revenge on… Karl. Drama!

For its high fashion casting

If this loving quartet, where passion for fashion, friendships and desire come together, keeps us in suspense, it is also because it is wonderfully performed. As Karl Lagerfeld, The German actor Daniel Brühl it’s sensational. Find the right accent and appropriate body gestures to embody the “Kaiser of fashion”, before finding her iconic style from the Chanel period. Arnaud Valois lends his features to a particularly tormented Yves Saint Laurent, while Alex Lutz plays the intractable Pierre Bergé with equal conviction.

Episode 3

In the role of the agent of chaos, Théodore Pellerin plays Jacques de Bascher as seductive as he is touching. The secondary performers are in harmony: the always perfect Agnès Jaoui wears the costumes of Gabrielle Aghion, founder of the Chloé fashion house and friend of Karl, while Jeanne Damas lends her features to the sunny Paloma Picasso.

For its catchy music

During the episodes, original music by Becoming Karl Lagerfeld, entrusted to Evgueni and Sacha Galperine, will never stop haunting you. This soundtrack, with its commanding voices and rich orchestra, provides a superb setting for the series. It accompanies, with triumphant trumpets, the rise of the future emperor of fashion. To complete the musical atmosphere, the production did not skimp on cult hits from the 70s! David Bowie’s timeless “Moonage Daydream,” Baccara’s “Yes Sir, I can boogie” and especially Blondie’s “Heart of glass” (used in the trailer), resonate at key moments in the series and will likely stay with you for a long time to come. mind after watching! To extend the 70s vibes of the series, you can find the original music and playlist of Becoming Karl Lagerfeld on Spotify.

To discover the history and behind the scenes of fashion

Fashion lovers will delight in the six episodes of this first season of Becoming Karl Lagerfeld. They give us the opportunity to learn more about the fashion industry, as mysterious as it is fascinating. The professional rise of Karl Lagerfeld immerses us in the fascinating history of high fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent and their rivalry with ready-to-wear represented by Chloé or Fendi.

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If the series has whetted your appetite for fiction in which fashion plays an important role, so stay on Disney+! The platform also offers the superb miniseries Cristobal Balenciaga, which traces the Spanish couturier’s arrival in Paris in the 1930s, where he competed with Christian Dior and Coco Chanel. In a more contemporary genre, the five seasons reality TV The Kardashians they hold out their arms to you. You will be able to admire the styles of modern icons such as Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.

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