These cleaning tips popularized on TikTok should definitely be avoided

Although the TikTok platform is full of cleaning tips of all kinds under the hashtag #cleantok, some actually turn out to be harmful or even dangerous for your products.

ON Tick ​​tock, cleaning videos are popular (and have a lot of views). Considered useful and fascinating, some of them highlight cleaning tips that are expected to break records in terms of effectiveness.

However, according to some experts, some tips posted by cleaning enthusiasts under the hashtag #CleanTok should be avoided, House Digest reports. Start by cleaning your couch with a cover, a microfiber towel, and a Tide Pod.


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Why dissolving a Tide Pod (liquid laundry detergent capsule) in a bucket of water can expose your furniture very high concentration of chemicalswhich can only be removed with professional equipment.

Block the toilet and fill it with plenty of product

There is also the #ToiletOverload trend, which mixes colored powders and liquids in the toilet bowl. A good idea on paper, except that mixing cleaning products can be very dangerous, as chemical combinations can release harmful gases. For example, mixing bleach with an acidic cleaner releases chlorine gas, which can be extremely harmful.


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Wash the toaster with water

Another dangerous trick: run water through toasters to clean themA. Not only can this damage the electrical components of the machine, but it can also pose a safety risk by mixing water and electricity. Some TikTok videos also suggest filling the cooking compartment of a fryer with soapy water and turning it on as a self-cleaning method... which is not good rather than destroying the fryer.

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