European elections: all these times the RN voted against women

On Sunday 9 June 2024, the National Rally came first in the European elections, securing 30 seats in the European Parliament. Bad news for women’s and minority rights; RN MEPs have repeatedly stood out for their fierce opposition to feminist advances. Wakes up.

On 9 June 2024, the French were called to vote to elect the deputies who will sit for them in the European Parliament. With a score of 31.4%, it was the National Rally that emerged as the clear winner of the vote, winning 30 seats. The party, whose list was led by Jordan Bardella, made very rapid progress, gaining twelve additional seats. As demonstrated by the electoral data, transmitted in particular by The Parisian, the RN vote is almost equal: 30% of women voted for Jordan Bardella, against 32% of men.

A distressing reality, when we know how destructive RN can be for women’s rights (and those of minorities). Last May, Feminist Strike also warned of the harmful power of RN. The collective denounced in an article published on Publication “the exploitation of women’s rights by the National Rally for electoral purposes”remembering “That in the European Parliament the far-right party systematically abstains or votes against any feminist advance.” The proof is this (non-exhaustive) list of measures that RN MEPs opposed during the last mandate.

Against the protection of access to abortion

On March 4, Jordan Bardella told TF1: “ we must prevent one day a single woman in France from worrying about seeing one of her rights taken back.” But, behind the great phrases and the announced effects, there is the historical reality of a party that has always opposed abortion. Even just during the last term, remember Feminist strike. “On November 26, 2020 and November 2021, RN elected officials opposed a resolution condemning Poland’s almost complete ban on abortion. On 11 April they abstained on the introduction of the right to abortion in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

Against professional equality

In May 2023 the RN abstained on the European directive “on transparency and equal pay” whose aim was to apply equal pay between women and men for identical or equal value work. An abstention that continues his disinterest in professional equality. In fact, the previous year, the European Parliament had been called to vote” for a European minimum wage, based on a “decent standard of living” for each Member State. This progress concerns the vast majority of women, the most numerous among those with low and very low wages. Of all the French MEPs, only the RN votes against, on the pretext that the issue falls within national competence », recalls the teacher Rachel Silvera, in a post published on the site economic alternatives.

Against the fight against sexist and sexual violence

In 2021, remember Feminist strike, “RN MEPs have voted against a resolution providing for training against sexual harassment in European Union institutions.” RN MEP Annika Bruna has since come out against this measure “Men are not all potential perpetrators who need to be re-educated by feminists “.

Faithful to its retrograde beliefs, the party abstains from the ratification by the European Parliament in 2023 of the Istanbul Convention on “preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence”.

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