Burnt but happy: Wife showed a photo from vacation with Roman Kostomarov

The 47-year-old Olympic champion is happily married to his colleague Oksana Domnina. Their marriage has been tested by time and the difficulties that have befallen the family. The figure skater supported Roman Kostomarov in everything when he was seriously ill and while he was recovering.

Roman Kostomarov. Photo: social networks

Now the couple went on a long-awaited vacation. The athlete announced his trip to warmer climates in his microblog. Domnina did not say exactly where the skaters were vacationing, but said they were at sea.

Apparently, Kostomarov got sunburned on the very first day. Roman and Oksana showed a shot of them posing for a walk in their Stories. Oksana Domnina wrote on the photo: “Someone got burned.”

The athlete in the photo was wearing a blue shirt, while her husband was wearing a black sweater and a red beret. Judging by the happy smile on his face, Roman Kostomarov was not at all bothered by this problem.

Oksana Domnina and Roman Kostomarov. Photo: social networks

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