Margot Robbie shows off a fun suit you won’t want to take off for the office

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen new photos of Margot Robbie, but it looks like we even managed to miss them. Fortunately, the barbicore era in the actress’s life (and ours too) is over, so not a single shade of pink is visible on the fashion horizon anymore. At least in Margot Robbie’s wardrobe, of course.

Margot Robbie. Photo: Getty Images

The actress “broke off” the color pink when she appeared on the red carpet at the Oscars in a “mourning” black Versace dress. From that moment on, Margot Robbie’s images became more restrained and, I must say, stylish. In everyday life, the star chooses concise monochrome outfits, which immediately became a topic of discussion in the fashion community. This happened in her last appearance: Margot Robbie was caught on the streets of New York with her husband Tom Ackerley. The actor chose a stylish and oversized suit, which he combined with sneakers, black bag and baseball cap. Let’s take note of this image because it will look great both in the office and in a more casual environment.

Margot Robbie. Photo: Legion Media

Source: People Talk

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