Anastasia Reshetova boasted a new ring. What does it mean?

While Internet users are worried about the extremely thin Anastasia Reshetova, the model also seems to be living her best life.

Anastasia Reshetova. Photo: social networks

28-year-old Anastasia Reshetova unexpectedly for everyone posted an ambiguous photo in Stories. “New manicure and more…” the girl signed the photo of her hand, adding funny and touching phrases. Coincidentally (or not) she seems to be referring to her ring with a huge stone on her ring finger. Can I congratulate you?

Anastasia Reshetova. Photo: social networks

Let us recall that in 2017 Anastasia Reshetova and Timati confirmed their romance. Later, the model published a joint photo with the rapper on her social network page. Two years later, the couple had a son named Ratmir. However, they broke up in the spring of 2021.

Timati and Anastasia Reshetova with their son Ratmir. Photo: social networks

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