Joan Collins, 91, tells how she was helped to relax before orgy scene

There are now “friendly coordinators” in Hollywood who make sure actors are comfortable in front of the camera and that nothing causes embarrassment. The legendary actor explained how he worked in similar departments years ago. Joan Collins admitted that many of her colleagues had previously used alcohol to free themselves.

Joan Collins. Photo: Legion-media

The star said that the director gave him a bottle of rum on the set. “I had to get so drunk! We all did it. There was an orgy scene and Oliver Tobias, Sue Lloyd, Mark Burns and I were delighted beforehand,” the Daily Mail quotes the artist as saying.

However, the film was never released. At the same time, Joan Collins believes that in modern films everything seems too obvious. The actress is now positive that a woman of any age can be attractive and attractive. “You have Jennifer Lopez, how old is she, 55? And Demi Moore looks great at 60. “There is no longer a barrier like before,” she said. – the celebrity spoke.

Joan Collins noted that 20th Century Fox terminated her contract when she was 27, “because that was considered the point at which a woman came into her prime.” It was then that the actress decided to settle down and gave birth to children. Meanwhile, Joan Collins was married five times. The actress has three children. She married Percy Gibson in 2002. Stars are not ashamed of the big age difference (32 years – Note ed.).

Source: People Talk

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