Details of the new legal scandal between Lerchek and the makeup artist emerged

On June 6, Valeria Chekalina (real name Note ed.) Make-up artist Arina Chumak from Omsk filed a lawsuit. The businesswoman has not yet made a statement on this issue. However, the media has already obtained documents that reveal the essence of the claim.

Valeria Chekalina. Photo: social networks

It is stated that Arina purchased a premium program from Lerchek for 1.8 million rubles as part of her course. The blogger promised Chumak a plan that would enhance her personal growth and increase her income, but the girl received none of it, according to the pre-trial complaint.

Valeria Chekalina. Photo: social networks

The document states that, learning about the makeup artist’s dissatisfaction, Chekalina offered him to terminate the contract and return 800 thousand rubles and keep one million for himself. However, Super.ru reports that Arina was not satisfied with these conditions and therefore went to court.

Let us recall that at the beginning of the year, Lerchek and his ex-lover Artem were involved in a criminal case for tax evasion of 311 million rubles and money laundering. They were placed under house arrest during the investigation.

Source: People Talk

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