My Little Reindeer: The Real Martha’s Serious Allegations in Her Complaint Against Netflix

Fiona Harvey, a Scottish lawyer, has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for defamation and negligence following the series “My Little Reindeer”. Harvey exposes lies that would ruin her life for him, while Netflix defends its right to tell this story.

Last April, My little reindeer traumatized the entire world. The series has captured the attention of millions of Netflix subscribers. Presented as a true story, the series chronicles the experience of Donny, a frustrated comedian played by Richard Gadd, who confronts a stalker named Martha, played by Jessica Gunning. The series, which quickly established itself as a success, however became the center of a major legal controversy.

Netflix’s profit margin?

Fiona Harvey, identified as the real “Martha” by a horde of fans of the series who act as detectives on social networksfiled a complaint against Netflix for defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, and violation of publicity rights. In the 34-page complaint filed in federal court in Los Angeles, Harvey claims that the show’s creators distorted and exaggerated facts to create a sensationalist narrative, to the detriment of his reputation and personal well-being.

My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix
My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix

Harvey accuses Netflix of creating a web of lies by evoking a stalker Twice convicted and sexually assaulted Richard Gadd. In his complaint he states:

“These lies, broadcast to more than 50 million people around the world, were told because they were a better story than the truth, and the best stories make money.”

My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix
My Little Reindeer // Source: Netflix

A liberation of misogyny

The repercussions of My little reindeer they were disastrous for Harvey. She said she has been the victim of an avalanche of death threats and online harassment. “I find it terrifying and misogynistic” he said in an interview with Piers Morgan last May, as reported Expiration.

In response, Netflix said it intends to vigorously defend its right to tell this story. “We intend to defend this case vigorously and support Richard Gadd's right to tell his story.” said a spokesperson for the platform.

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