Mixed or British: TikTok compares girl breeds to cat breeds. Find out which one you belong to

Before we even learned about the classification of men by dog ​​breeds (by the way, you can take a test on our website), types of zoom girls and cat breeds have recently sparked a heated debate in TikTok trends. We invite you to find out which type of cat you are according to TikTokers’ criteria.

black cat

A frame from the TV series “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

She seems like a cold and unapproachable young lady who requires a special approach. At first no one seems to be interested in her, but when you show interest and kindness she instantly becomes a sugar donut. She loves intelligent partners, so she shows her true colors when paired with a Golden Retriever.


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Madame Broshkina with a built-in motor: she can walk on her hands, knows everyone in the area and you can even go to the moon with her. Even a lamppost speaks. It will definitely introduce you to cockroaches, but fear not: they don’t bite. The important thing is to perceive it as if the most valuable thing has been revealed to you. After all, you definitely won’t get bored with something like this.


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A cold-blooded woman who will prepare borscht, open the jar with her teeth and protect it from gopniks. The thunder of the region, respected by all. After all, he lives by the concept: He who pays gets to play the tune. And overall he looks like a Viking in this kilt. He is unpretentious in everyday life, loves to tell stories and pick fights. The person next to whom you feel like you are behind a stone wall.


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The fatal beauty that angers everyone. He is the one living the best life. Always positive and with money. He eats food from both cheeks with his friends and does not gain any weight. She constantly talks about what a wonderful holiday she had in the Maldives, how she shined on the carpet in Cannes and how she caused quiet envy by going to the beautician. You either love him or hate him. Men always crane their necks to catch her gaze.


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A real aristocrat awaits Mr. Darcy. It looks like it’s from another era. She loves everything refined, antique and expensive. A well-mannered snob who is overwhelmed by his whims. Shocked by bad behavior and lack of etiquette. Bring scented salt, or she’ll faint from the tight corset.


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A bitch pretending to be cute. It looks white and fluffy, but as soon as you say something against its nature, it shows its claws. He protects his nose against the wind, so he is always ahead of the rest. Although it fascinates with its kawaii quality, it surprises you by disappearing at the most important moment. He likes to trap everyone because he is also a dynamic and ignoring person.

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