“I can raise my voice”: Ravshana Kurkova talked about the problems in raising children

Ravshana Kurkova is raising her one-year-old daughter Samira and four-year-old son Gaspar. The actor prefers not to reveal details about his personal life in interviews. But this time I made an exception.

Ravshana Kurkova. Photo: social networks

The celebrity talked about how she managed to cope with two children. As Ravshana admits, her son does not yet understand why more attention is paid to his sister: He takes away her toys and misbehaves. According to the artist, he tries to distribute time equally between men.

“I can raise my voice, but basically I’m saying this: “Your mother doesn’t love you any less because your sister was born.” There is another person who loves you. Don’t hurt her. She will be friends with you when she grows up,” Kurkova shared in the “Cinema in Details” program broadcast on STS. .

At the same time, Ravshana explained that you should not shout at children, it is better to negotiate with them. However, the actor noted that this was quite difficult for him.

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