A new tool will help protect victims of domestic violence in 24 hours

On Wednesday 5 June, Parliament unanimously approved a law allowing the creation of an emergency system for victims of domestic violence.

How can we better protect victims of domestic violence? Parliament believes it has found the solution. On Wednesday 5 June, it definitively adopted unanimously a law that creates a “ immediate temporary protection order », an emergency system for victims of domestic violence.

The duration of the protection order is doubled

Adopted after a final vote by the National Assembly, this law allows the judge to rule protective measures within 24 hours in case of danger and probable violence, a way to protect potential victims in a very short time.

Today, the family court judge has six days pronounce measures such as a ban on making contact, going to certain places where the victim might be or keeping a weapon, etc. Six days during which potential victims are not legally protected. Furthermore, the text also doubles the maximum duration of the current protection order. It will now be twelve months, compared to six today.

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This law will also allow victims to hide their postal address in the electoral roll, benefit from a serious danger telephone or have temporary custody of pets.

Objective of this trans-party law: “ do not leave the victim unprotected while awaiting a decision on his or her application for a protection order », recalled the Renaissance MP Emilie Chandler Renaissance, who was at its origin. Let us remember that, according to the feminist association Nous Tous, 134 “women killed because of their gender” in 2023, of which 97 in a marital context.

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