“Univer” star Alexey Gavrilov married a basketball player a year after the divorce

Alexey Gavrilov, who played Gosha Rudkovsky, the “main heartthrob” of the hostel, married for the third time. The actor’s chosen one was European champion Katerina Keyru, a member of the Russian national basketball team. The wedding took place completely unexpected for the audience, as the couple did not advertise their relationship.

Alexey Gavrilov Photo: social networks

The ceremony took place on June 7 in one of the Moscow registry offices. Not only relatives, but also many famous friends came to congratulate the newlyweds.

Alexey Gavrilov and Katerina Keyru. Photo: social networks

Previously, Katerina Keyru was married to football player Ivan Novoseltsev. The marriage ended in a loud scandal: the athlete left his pregnant wife and confiscated all jointly acquired property. Only later was the basketball player able to sue her ex-husband for an apartment. She is currently raising her son Theodore.

Alexey Gavrilov also has children from his ex-wives: Solomon and Rami. The actor divorced his second wife, Mari Kirti, in 2023.

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