Not everyone will approve: J.Lo took a shocking step to save her marriage to Affleck

Not everyone will approve: J.Lo took a shocking step to save her marriage to Affleck

It won’t be easy to explain such a move to an army of fans.

Jennifer Lopez has changed her mind about divorcing Ben Affleck after nearly two months of gossip and rumors. The Latin American pop star has found a way to keep her husband, but the man has not yet responded.

The 54-year-old artist recently canceled her large-scale concert tour across the continent, without explanation. The most plausible version in the United States was the supposedly catastrophically low demand for tickets, but it’s not even close to the truth.

Daily Mail insiders learned that at the time of the official announcement about the tour’s postponement, 78% of tickets for J.Lo’s performances were sold out – and not even close to “minimum demand.” The reason for the cancellation turned out to be simple: the singer saves her marriage to Affleck.

To save Bennifer, the beauty refuses fantastic compensation, just to spend as much time as possible next to her husband.

“It became clear that the problem wasn’t a lack of enthusiasm for JLo’s work, but what was going on in her two-year marriage to actor Ben Affleck. They canceled the tour in a (probably ultimately doomed) attempt to save their union,” the US press reported.

The actor himself, as you know, even before the cancellation of the tour, moved from his family nest and moved to a house not far from his ex-wife, for which he now pays a monthly rent of 100 thousand dollars.

Everything is connected with the fact that Lopez unsuccessfully refused to act – Affleck does not take a step towards her still legal wife, preferring to endlessly complain about life and her relationship with Jennifer Garner, which J.Lo really enrages.

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Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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