10 pieces for a Provence style kitchen that will bring the atmosphere of France to your home

If you’re planning a summer renovation or want to add comfort and beauty to your kitchen, why not take some French inspiration? If you, like us, get stuck on lavender field pictures from time to time, you will definitely like the Provence style. We explain how you can bring a little France to the atmosphere of your home with just a few items.

What elements are suitable for a Provence style kitchen?

A frame from the movie “Julie and Julia: The Recipe for Happiness”

Lots of textiles

A Provence-style kitchen evokes the happy, relaxed atmosphere of rural life, which is why the furniture features so many natural fiber textiles. Short curtains, knitted tablecloths, potholders, pillows, napkins and handmade towels.

flower patterns

Floral ornaments will add tenderness to the atmosphere. Perfect for chairs, drawer covers, porcelain, vases, windows, walls, floors, curtains, tablecloths, carpets, etc. They may be behind them. If desired, you can implement it yourself, for example, using a template.

Furniture made from natural materials

When choosing furniture, pay attention to natural materials: wood, stone, ceramics and fabrics.

Flower bouquets or herbariums

First of all, of course, lavender. But if you don’t like the scent, why not choose roses or create a more complex version of wildflowers? Herbs and twigs will also create a pastoral effect. It’s like you’re in the village with your grandmother or at summer camp.

Antique effect decor items

A slightly worn teapot, slightly faded dishes, drawer handles covered with patina – all this will create the effect of the presence of a large and friendly family. After all, our grandparents’ belongings looked exactly like this. These antique-effect items seem to preserve memories of childhood, summer in the village and first love.

Porcelain plates and ceramic trinkets

Porcelain is the pride of the housewife. Of course, a mug with a cat may seem more familiar to you, but drinking tea or coffee from a delicious cup is a real pleasure. Choose pots and ceramic products.

forged elements

Pans and pots can be left in plain sight as they will create a well-being effect. Drawer pulls, candlesticks, chair legs and other vintage items may be made of copper or feature forged elements.


Lighting in a Provence style kitchen should be as natural as possible. Therefore, instead of dark and heavy curtains, choose light-colored tulle that allows light to pass through. Candlesticks will also make the place look romantic. Let the chandelier, wall lamps and floor lamps have a light textile lampshade and a small floral print. Simple and comfortable.

Wooden walls or floors

Prefer light colors and natural materials in design. No acidic tones. However, floral patterns, framed photographs and light wear are acceptable. In addition to white, pay attention to sand, olive, lavender and sky blue.

Rose or lavender scent

And finally, what would Provence be without imitation lavender? Decorate your home with these beautiful flowers. Alternatively, choose sachets, soaps or scented oils. To avoid getting bored with the aroma, replace it with rose buds. Both options will fit perfectly into the space and add tenderness and comfort.

What does a Provence style kitchen look like?

For inspiration, we have collected references for you that will help you choose suitable furniture, textiles and decorative products. Also pay attention to how you can arrange appliances in the space so that the kitchen still looks cozy and a little idyllic.

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