Lady Gaga “pregnant”? Taylor Swift has something to say about these “invasive” and “irresponsible” rumors.

In the midst of her “Eras Tour” in Europe, Taylor Swift took the time to defend Lady Gaga on TikTok while Gaga was the subject of persistent pregnancy rumors.

We thought that the era of dark tabloids obsessed with celebrity bodies was relegated to the 2000s, when everyone allowed themselves to comment on the slightest weight gain of an actress or singer as if it were a latest news of primary importance. But alas, this is clearly not the case.

The proof again this week on TikTok, where Lady Gaga had to deny rumors about a possible pregnancy. A few days earlier, the singer of “Paparazzi” and “Applausi” had been photographed at the rehearsal dinner of her sister Natali Germanotta’s wedding. And her beautiful black dress revealed, according to some Internet users, a small belly which necessarily indicated that she was pregnant with her.

“Invasive” and “irresponsible” comments.

Of course, whether she’s pregnant or not is Lady Gaga’s business alone. But faced with the persistence of the rumors, the singer decided to speak out on TikTok, quoting the lyrics of “Down Bad” by Taylor Swift, from her latest album. The Department of Tortured Poets.

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“Not pregnant, just crying in the gym”

A sign that there is a real sisterhood between the two singers, Taylor Swift also commented on Lady Gaga’s video to criticize the public’s propensity to scrutinize, comment and criticize women’s bodies.

«We all agree that it is invasive and irresponsible to comment on a woman's body. Lady Gaga doesn't owe explanations to anyone, not even women. »

Taylor Swift under Lady Gaga's TikTok video

If Taylor Swift spoke openly it is undoubtedly also because she herself had to put up with inappropriate comments about her body on several occasions. Just a few weeks ago, there was a rumor that she was also pregnant because her belly didn't look ultra-flat during one of her concerts. Should we remind Internet users that there are multiple reasons why a woman may have abdominal curves, other than pregnancy or weight gain? And that pregnancy or weight gain should also NOT provoke unsolicited comments?

Or how to encourage eating disorders

These remarks may seem harmless, but in reality they have harmful and lasting consequences on the self-esteem of the people who are subjected to them. In the Netflix documentary Miss American published in 2020, Taylor Swift had also mentioned her difficulty seeing photographs of herself due to derogatory comments from celebrity press and Internet users about her weight, and had spoken out for the first time about her eating disorder (TCA).

And even beyond the celebrities whose every kilo gained is commented on, what are the consequences on girls, on young women, on young women, of such shameful body ? We exist and love each other as we are. Here's essentially what Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and many others are thinking.

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