“Everyone is wet from allergies”: Ksenia Borodina complained about living conditions in the village

Ksenia Borodina flew to shoot the new season of the extreme adventure project “The Last Hero”. Altay was chosen as the location. At first, the TV presenter enjoyed life in the picturesque village, but later she found disadvantages.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: social networks

The celebrity admitted that she felt disgusting. As soon as the camera opens, it starts to rain, the wind starts to blow, but when they finish their work, the sun comes out.

“We can really survive here. Too harsh. We are all wet, it is cold, our clothes are wet. Very difficult conditions for shooting. Very cold. I am also allergic: either to sandflies or to pollen. The conditions are, of course, hellish,” Ksenia shared on her personal blog.

Ksenia Borodina. Photo: social networks

Earlier, the TV presenter admitted that it was difficult for her to part with her loved ones when he went on a business trip. According to Ksenia, he “roared like a child.”

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