The 4 worst children’s films according to our readers (some have clearly aged badly)

Sexism, crude humor or a shaky story: what do you think are the worst films for children? We asked our readers…

It is not because these films are intended for children that they can watch them with their eyes closed. On our social media we asked you what, in your opinion, are the worst films for kids. Here are your answers, and they concern four Disney cartoons.

Peter Pan

Peter Pan, a cartoon released in 1953, has aged poorly, to put it mildly. One of our readers protests:

Wendy as a responsible little mother, Peter as a brat who makes eyes at Wendy and Lily the tiger, a touch of racism towards Native Americans and sprinkled with enjoyment from Tink. In Peter Pan, they’re Hook’s team!


Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who wanted to become a real boy and who saw his nose grow longer with every lie, has traumatized more than one person. On our social media one of our readers is indignant:

Sending children to an island of sweets, which they then munch, and then turning them into donkeys to send them into slavery on an island of salt…

But another reader gives his take on Pinocchio’s morality:

This is a trashy way of telling kids to avoid chasing shiny or sweet things – it’s probably a trap. So let it be trashy, okay, but for now it’s meant to be educational.


For Cinderella, sexism can be cut with a knife. One of our readers did not hide her amazement when she watched the cartoon again as an adult:

I was very surprised, watching Cinderella again, to realize that when Javote and Anastasie appear before the prince at the ball, the king describes them as “guenons”. I’m aware of the time of the film that I don’t know and that there is an author’s historical context, but I don’t want to see this child’s response, and I’m watching it now . Just as I was shocked at 14, when I discovered Maupassant at school and learned that he also used this term to talk about ugly women.

The little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, although its reboot was a great success, remains a work tinged with sexism. One of our readers expresses her opinion on a particular fact:

The prince gives the order to marry the first bridesmaid who has the same voice as the one who saved his life!

And for you, what are the worst films for children?

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