Kurban Omarov published a wedding video with his young lover for the first time

Recently, Ksenia Borodina’s 43-year-old ex-husband married her 23-year-old lover. True, later she published a series of photos in which the faces of her lovers are not visible. Now the businessman has published the entire wedding video on social networks.

Kurban Omarov with his beloved Valeria. Photo: social networks

In the video, first Kurban comes down the stairs in a tuxedo, then you can see the hall where guests and organizers are waiting for them, and then Valeria herself appears in the frame. A girl in a white wedding dress slowly walks down the aisle.

By the way, in February, Ksenia Borodina’s ex-husband proposed to his beloved Valeria. And then Internet users began to suspect that the girl was pregnant.

Let us recall that Ksenia married businessman Kurban Omarov in 2015. In the same year, the presenter gave birth to a daughter named Theona. He filed for divorce in 2021.

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov

Source: People Talk

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