Mike Flanagan has a specific plan to make his Exorcist remake atrocious

Mike Flanagan, creator of Hill House and Bly Mannor, has been tapped to direct a new version of the film that many consider the most terrifying of all time. To complete his task, Mike Flanagan plans to modernize The Exorcist.

A contemporary master of horror in film and series, Mike Flanagan has been chosen for a daunting task: directing the new adaptation of The exorcist. After fiasco critical and commercial The Exorcist: Devotion in 2023, the horror industry has set its sights on the name Flanagan, known for his ability to blend graphic horror, poetry and metaphysical questions.

“Fresh, bold and terrifying »

Mike Flanagan, to whom we owe all critical and popular successes, was nominated writing, producing and directing the film was supposed to breathe new life into the franchise The exorcistbased on William Friedkin’s 1973 masterpiece. The project reunites Flanagan with the famous production company Blumhouseto which we owe titles like Paranormal activity OR Insidious.

A die-hard fan of the original film, Mike Flanagan expressed his enthusiasm for the project. “The Exorcist” is one of the reasons why I became a director”he even confided, as reported Expiration. The creator of The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight snack OR The Fall of House Usher promised the audience that this new film would bring something “fresh, bold and terrifying. »

House on the hill
House on the hill

Enough with the monologues: space for pure horror

When we immerse ourselves in Mike Flanagan’s terrifying universe, we realize that the director has a pronounced taste for the genre monologues. At the ATX TV Festival, director e showrunner he even remembered selling The Haunting of Hill House to Netflix promising a spectacular finalewhile it was above all the place of monologues. An artistic inclination that makes Blumhouse and Universal studios fear, which fear that his version of The exorcist it’s too wordy :

“The exorcism ritual itself is a sort of monologue, but we've seen it before. Someone shouting prayers was scary 50 years ago, but today I don't think it would work. »

the exorcist-willima-friedkin-1972

Recognizing his passion for monologues, Flanagan ensured that he understood these producers' concerns. The studios, according to Flanagan, believed it the young audiencethe main consumer of horror films, he would not be impressed by long religious speeches. “I totally agreed with them. This movie must be truly terrifying. »

You won't be able to say we didn't warn you.

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