3 fisherman sandals for those who don’t like toes

If you’re looking for open sandals that don’t show your toes, you might like the fashion trend of fisherman sandals, because they let your feet breathe without revealing everything. The test in three.

In the trendy summer shoes section, obviously, we find lots of sandals. However, we don’t necessarily want to show off our toes, either because we find them ugly, or because we’re afraid of hurting ourselves, for example. Fortunately, the fashion trend of fisherman sandals (fisherman’s sandals in English) are indispensable for this spring-summer 2024. To the delight of those with shy feet.

Because fisherman sandals are the most practical trend shoe of the summer

Their rustic, monastic look works with virtually any look, whether it’s baggy pants, baggy jeans, or slim 7/8 length jeans, and even a capri pants. They also go well with skirts or shorts, avoiding an overly precious look. Furthermore, you can also wear them with socks, to create an interesting layering game, at the risk of looking like a German tourist.


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We can therefore love being able to wear them with everything, without fear of judging our pedicure, or hurting our toes. And we also appreciate their convenience for all-day fun, with cool toes and well-supported ankles, unlike many other types of bare feet.

3 pairs of original fisherman sandals to avoid the look of a monk or a German tourist

At the center of this trend stand out the more sober and essential models in black or brown leather, with very thick straps. But if you are afraid of looking like a monk or a German tourist, here are other, more original options.


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