According to this study, sex protects mothers from daily stress

According to a new American survey, anxious mothers who have sex regularly experience less stress than sexually inactive mothers.

Sex, a good remedy for mothers’ daily stress? Although many scientific studies say that maternal stress and tiredness affect their desire, a recent investigation was published in the journal ScienceDirect reports the opposite: sexual activity would help protect mothers from the deleterious health effects of chronic stress.

This survey was conducted on 183 mothers aged between 20 and 50. All have at least one dependent child between the ages of 2 and 16, and were assessed at four different times: at the beginning of the experiment, at 9 months, at 18 months and at 24 months.

Their sexual activity was measured by asking them every day whether they had had sex the previous night. The findings showed that sex can help mothers of young children avoid the harmful effects of stress, especially metabolic disorders, insulin regulation, insulin resistance, leptin and ghrelin.

Because more stressed mothers had higher levels of insulin and insulin resistance than less anxious mothers. A correlation was found with their level of sexual activity.

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Because among sexually inactive mothers, the group who experienced high daily stress had much worse metabolic health than the more psychologically stable group. On the other hand, the profile of sexually active mothers did not significantly differ depending on their stress level.

If then sex can be presented as a natural remedy, It is always good to remember that sexual activity should only happen when the people involved truly want it. And sex should not become a additional load having to check off your daily to-do list.

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