‘They may want to repeat what they see on the screen’: Marubo tribe leader asks Elon Musk to shut down internet for natives

Elon Musk Photo: social networks

Alfredo Marubo, leader of the Amazon tribe, turned to Elon Musk with an unusual request. Nine months ago, a businessman ventured deep into the Internet jungle, but things did not go as planned.

Instead of receiving education and benefiting from the achievements of science and technology, locals became addicted to adult films and computer games. “Everyone is so busy on their phones that they don’t even talk to their families. We are also concerned about our young people. They may want to copy what they see on the screen,” he told the New York Times.

According to Tsainama Marubo, another member of the tribe, they are also becoming lazy and adopting what he calls “the white man’s way.” Marubo tribe members also appreciated the benefits of the internet. It has become easier for them to seek medical help and explore the world outside the forest.

Source: People Talk

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