“I wanted to come back brightly”: Nyusha responds to accusations of plastic surgery

Nyusha continues to surprise the audience with extraordinary images. The singer showed what she looks like with bleached eyebrows on her personal blog. It turned out that this was another experiment with makeup. Previously, followers noticed that the artist’s face had changed dramatically, suggesting that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Nyusha. Photo: social networks

The singer admitted that she hired a new team of stylists and makeup artists. According to Nyusha, it was important for her to “brightly return to show business.” “To try something extravagant, I gave the stylist green color,” the artist said in an interview with Laura Jugelia.

Nyusha assured that she did not perform any procedures related to plastic surgery, she only received facial skin care from a beautician. According to the singer, She has been teasing her lips for about seven years. The star admitted that the audience suspected that she would undergo surgery due to constant makeup changes. “The eyebrow is a little thicker, thinner. The arrow first points to the side, then upwards. “It probably reads as a new eye shape for some,” the celebrity concluded.

Nyusha. Photo: social networks

The singer added that she was also working on her figure. The singer seriously lost weight. But not with the help of a popular drug for diabetics, as written in the press, but through diet and sports. “I cleaned with Altai herbs for a month and a half. I ate buckwheat and vegetables. I wasn’t allowed to do many things at that time. I got even weaker. “It was very important for me to go to the gym and build muscle,” the star shared.

Earlier, Nyusha revealed the real reasons for her divorce from Igor Sivov. Let us also remind you that the couple announced their separation after seven years of marriage. Two children were born from the relationship: Simba and Saffron. Children do not yet know about their parents’ decision to leave.

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