How to dress to cope better with the heat? Spoiler: Revealing clothes won’t help

Sometimes summer is as cruel to us as winter. For many, abnormal heat is even more difficult to withstand than cold, so in the hot season you need to pay special attention to your health: do not forget about hats and sunglasses, apply Sanskrin and renew it regularly, and choose appropriate clothes. Speaking of the last point. Sometimes we make the mistake of choosing the most revealing looks in extreme heat. In fact, closed clothing helps much better in hot weather.

Such clothes will save you from sunburn and unwanted tanning. In closed clothing, the heat is tolerated more easily and the scorching hot air is not felt so strongly. However, it is subject to certain rules. First of all, it is important to choose things made of natural fabric. Linen and cotton are your best friends in summer. Secondly, the color of the clothing is also important. We think it’s no secret that dark fabrics are not the best choice in the heat, so opt for light color options in the summer months. Third, clothes should be loose-fitting.

Therefore, if you plan to spend the whole day outside, do not forget to take a light, long-sleeved shirt or cape with you, and if you do not want to burn in the sun, do not forget to wear loose trousers.

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