The 5 hottest series to watch on Netflix, alone or in company

  • The Bridgerton Chronicles: Fiery Passions and Royalty

  • Sex/Life: Female fantasies

  • Elite: the Spanish series that is causing a sensation

Whether you’re looking for gripping plots, passionate love stories, or just real-life sex scenes, you’re in the right place.

Want to spice up your Netflix evenings? After maintaining the crème de la crème of the hottest movies on the platform, we have selected the hottest series for you. here are the The best sexy series on Netflix, The one that makes you blush as much as it keeps you going.

The Bridgerton Chronicle: Fiery Passions and Royalty

Passionate about corsets that hide the most ardent passions, you are in the right place. Produced by Shonda Rhimes, this series between drama and romance immerses us in Regency London. It follows the lives of the eight siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family as they navigate London’s high society in search of love, power and satisfaction.

Each season focuses primarily on a different family member, intertwining the other characters’ storylines. On the programme: scandals, secrets, betrayals and a good dose of passionate love stories and sometimes daring love scenes…


Sex/life: female fantasies

This series inspired by the American novel 44 chapters on 4 men by BB Easton explores Emotional and sexual dilemmas by Billie Connelly, a mother divided by a love triangle between her routine life with her stable husband and her ex-boyfriend, the object of all her fantasies. Like the work from which it is adapted, Sex/Life it’s a frank exploration female desires. The intimate narrative and carefully choreographed sex scenes add a layer of realism and intensity. A series all about sensuality, which is well captured the overlap between sex and development.


Elite: the Spanish series that is causing a sensation

Elite is a Spanish series that catapults us into the premises of the prestigious private elite high school Las Encinas. Students from different social classes are involved in the intrigue of murders, sex and scandals.

The series explores the secrets, betrayals and desires of these teenagers, while trying to solve the mystery surrounding the murder of a student, Marina. The romantic and sensual scenes are filmed with intensity and audacity And visibility topics such as bisexuality or polyamory. In short, the series is a perfect combination of mystery, drama AND sensuality.


False profile: lies and sexual games

Fake profile It follows Camila, an independent young woman, who decides to try her luck with a dating app. There she meets the man of her dreams, a so-called Fernando… But once the initial fire has passed, Camila discovers that her lover has usurped the identity of another and that she is not single . The young girl then decides to take revenge on this man who lied to her, before falling into a real trap.

This erotic thriller transports us into a spiral of lies and betrayals where each episode reveals new facets of a man very different from the one he suggested to us. Perfect recipe between ultra hot sex scenes and plot twist Very, Fake profile is the ultimate guilty pleasure on Netflix.

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Outlander: journey into the past and sexy encounter

The story is that of Diana Gabaldon’s novels, Thistle and Tartan. It follows the fate of Claire Randall, a nurse who is enjoying a post-war trip around the world with her husband… and was sent suddenly in 1740, in the midst of the conflict between England and the last Highlanders. With two wars for the price of one, she’s not exactly spoiled.

Thistle and Tartan is not just a series of books for people hungry for epic and romance: It is above all a work that evokes war medicine, the condition of women and the fight against the extermination of Scottish culture. The series avoids all the flaws where game of Thrones And that’s when his taste for rape culture waned. Seeing cunnilingus scenes that are neither imaginary nor violent is good for morale.

Academy to that that Claire, from the 40s where everything was already not rosy, is shocked by the plight of women in her epic tale. She is an educated woman with vast knowledge of medicine and she doesn’t let men walk all over her.


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