“I don’t have the strength to worry”: Aizu-Liluna Ai was attacked by scammers

The ex-wife of rapper Guf filed a complaint on social networks about scammers who hacked her Telegram channel. Aiza-Liluna Ai called on her subscribers not to transfer money to people who will ask for money on her behalf under any circumstances.

Aiza-Liluna Ai. Photo: social networks

“My telegram channel was stolen. We created a new one. I’m crying for now…” the TV presenter wrote on her microblog. He showed off what his channel is starting to look like. The blogger noted with bitter irony that the scammers didn’t even delete their Stories.

The singer appealed to fans to complain about his stolen channel: “Help me get my account back.” “I can’t afford to worry. The important thing is, don’t transfer money to anyone who asks for it in my name,” she added.

Fortunately, Aiza-Liluna Ai’s wishes were effective. Yıldız managed to regain access to her account. “Your complaints have been listened to. The channel has returned to me! But there are other problems too! Sign of fraud. They got the tick. Minus 10,000 subscribers,” the celebrity shared the latest news.

Let us also remind you that the singer recently admitted that he was addicted in a relationship. Read about it here.

Source: People Talk

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