5 mistakes you definitely make when packing your suitcase for vacation

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Preparing for the holiday is, on the one hand, a very boring task, and on the other hand, it is quite stressful (yes, not a positive thing). After all, you need to fit a heavy cosmetic bag, a first-aid kit, all kinds of shoes and several dozen fashionable looks in your suitcase. Don’t forget swimsuits and beach clothes. In general, correctly assembling all components of the trunk is not an easy task.

Therefore, all vacationers are divided into two types: some throw away the first things they come across and travel with a half-empty suitcase, while others, on the contrary, take most of everything “just in case”.

Both of the above-mentioned options for vacation fees are not entirely correct, so the The Fashion Vibes fashion department offers its own offer in a more conscious and responsible way. Today, we have compiled five mistakes you will definitely make while packing your suitcase and explained how you can fix them.

Mistake #1: You don’t make a list.

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Making a list is an important step when going on vacation. He or she is the person who will help you not forget anything and find your way with whatever is in your bag. Moreover, the list will also make it clear whether you are bringing too much with you. For example, you can safely throw away your fifth pair of shorts and replace them with a fashionable skirt.

Mistake #2: You don’t categorize objects.

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How do you pack things into a suitcase? If you act on the principle of “whatever comes out of the cupboard is the first thing I put in”, this is fundamentally wrong. Before packing your belongings into your suitcase, you need to place them on a table or sofa and sort them into categories: T-shirts and t-shirts, blouses, dresses, shorts, skirts and trousers. This simple action will help you visualize the exact number of things that will be with you on your journey. From now on, your holiday wardrobe can be easily adjusted.

Mistake #3: You buy things just in case

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You know that situation where you pack your suitcase and decide to throw on a few t-shirts, a few blouses, and that dress you’ve never worn before, just in case? If so, then we have bad news: You’re packing all wrong. “Throwing away” things that exceed the norm will lead not only to the disintegration of the bag, but also to the fact that most of the items remain unused.

Error No. 4. You don’t take into account the details of your holiday.

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Where are you going: to the sea or to the city? What are you planning to do: relax on the beach or go on excursions every day? Your expectations from your holiday also affect your wardrobe. If you understand that your holiday will be eventful, there is no point in taking an entire collection of evening dresses with you. But if your plans include visiting restaurants, theaters and other establishments of this kind, you should really think about your outfit in advance.

Mistake #5: You don’t think about your images in advance.

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It is a good idea to prepare clothes in advance for those who will be going on holiday for a short time and do not want to take a large bag full of belongings with them. Take an hour to prepare to try on clothes and you won’t have to do this on vacation. This should be done according to the following principle: first you choose those things in which you definitely want to walk, then you add tops or bottoms to them, then you think about shoes (here it is important to remember that it is best to choose universal models that go with everything). Next, you need to create looks for each day: If you are going for a week, three or four sets will be enough, especially when you can combine them with each other. For convenience, you can take a photo of the resulting image so that you do not forget exactly how you designed it.

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