We watched “Bad Boys to the End” and were thrilled: Will Smith is great again

We watched “Bad Boys to the End” and were thrilled: Will Smith is great again

The shortcomings of the third part have been corrected, everyone can and should watch it.

Already on June 5, “Bad Boys to the End” will be released in Russia – another sequel to the legendary franchise about the Miami police. And if the third part barely bore fruit and received lukewarm reviews from critics, then the fourth part seems to be received with a bang.

The action film ‘Bad Boys for Life’ was criticized for its hateful plot about ‘ghosts’ from a past life and the attempts of heroes Will Smith and Martin Lawrence to regain their lost jobs, but the first audience is almost thrilled with the new movie. film and are already calling it a contender for the title of best parts of the series.

This time, detectives Michael Laurie and Marcus Byrne will have to clear the good name of their deceased mentor colleague, who sends them ‘hello’ from the other world. While trying to whitewash a friend’s biography, the “cops” inadvertently tarnish their own biography, which is why they now have to hide from the whole world – they are pursued by both the FBI and an inveterate gang of criminals.

Fandango noted the fantastic chemistry of the “sweet” couple, which was so lacking in the third, and, to be honest, the second part of the film.

Watching “Bad Boys to the End” is a pleasure, the Univision reviewer insists, noting for once in isolation a well-written and exciting script that ultimately does not indulge in vulgar humor.

Don’t worry, Smith and Lawrence’s signature below-the-belt jokes haven’t disappeared, but they’ve become more subtle, elegant and even smarter, Comicbook points out.

“Raising the bar in every way”, “The best “Bad Boys” ever”, “Will Smith is great again”, pique the interest of critics.

Photo source: Still from Bad Boys to the End (2024)

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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